Sample Skills and Qualifications for Dishwasher Resume

Dishwashers work in any environment that poses a need for washing dishes. This may include hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and medical care facilities. Many dishwashers work as a utility worker as well but their main work remains dishwashing. While it may seem that dishwashing is an easy job, it requires much precision and hard work. After all, how would you feel if you were served food in a dish that had remnants of the food that was served in it yesterday?

To work as a dishwasher one must be very thorough. Just running water over dishes is not enough; one needs to be meticulous. Believe it or not, any organization’s reputation in the hospitality industry depends primarily on its kitchen services. This is why it is important to portray a positive image through service, décor, food or dishware.

It is important for dishwashers to possess the skills that are necessary to this position. While there are no particular educational background needs to work at this position, employers prefer that they hire skilled people. Below is a list of skills and qualifications that a dishwasher is expected to posses. These statements will provide you with a starting point for deciding the skills/qualifications you will display on your resume, cover letter/application, and speak during the interview process.

Sample Skills and Qualifications for Dishwasher Resume

• Proven ability to perform physically demanding tasks such as lifting heavy dishes

• Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning and washing different types of dishes and flatware

• Ability to stand for long periods of time and extensive use of arms and legs

• Profound knowledge of mixing and using dishwashing agents in a safe manner

• Strong knowhow of following safety and hygiene standards particular to the hospitality industry

• Ability to work in extreme climates – damp, hot and cold environments

• Ability to lift heavy objects of up to 60lbs at a time

• Capability of filling in as a waiter or sous chef at any given time

• Knowledge of cleaning and maintaining dishwashers

• Some technical ability aimed at performing minor repairs on kitchen equipment and tools

• Understanding of dishware and flatware storage procedures

• Familiarity with loading, running and unloading dishwashers

• Complete understanding of maintaining adequate levels of clean dishware and flatware

• Solid background of handling dishware, glassware and flatware in a safe manner

• Ability to isolate potentially hazardous dishes, glasses and flatware for instance those that may have cracks

• Solid understanding of government health and food service regulations

• Potential to understand and carry out measures to store hazardous dish cleaning materials

• Experienced in training kitchen staff in performing dishwashing activities

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