Waiter / Waitress Cover Letter Sample for Resume

Resume specialists recommend furnishing your Waiter / Waitress resume with a cover letter even if the employer has not specifically asked for it. A cover letter serves as a point of introduction and helps in relating your profile to the job in question.

To write a good cover letter for waiting job, it is important to begin with a catchy start. The job market is highly saturated and for a position like waiter, a stand out cover letter is what will get your drowning resume afloat. Instill enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the profession into that piece of writing.

Following letter will serve as a useful sample in this regard.


Waiter / Waitress Cover Letter Sample for Resume


Dan Brown

722 Wally’s Sq | Chesterfield, MO 63017 | (003) 222-1111 | dan @ email . com

November 10, 2014

Ms. Diana Ross
HR Manager
Kevin’s Diner
655 Ella Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63017


Dear Ms. Ross:

Where there is will, there is a way!

I present myself as a well qualified candidate for the advertised position of Waiter at Kevin’s Diner. Reading your job requirements keyed me up since I happen to offer the exact set of competencies you seek.

From my enclosed resume you can see that I possess ample waiting experience at three and four star restaurants. Gifted with an analytical mind and exceptional attention to detail, I perceive the customer’s visit to a restaurant as an opportunity to enhance clientele. I am able to ensure that the patrons feel welcome and comfortable by assisting them in menu selection and suggesting complimenting drinks to go with their orders. I dedicate each day to enhancement of the customer’s experience by demonstrating high quality hospitality skills.

Familiar with cash register/ POS handling and state issued guidelines for food and service area hygiene and sanitation maintenance, I also bring track record of practicing work ethic and I believe my profile is a perfect fit for the position in question.

If you seek a professional waiter who is able to adapt quickly to new environments and is committed to maximize customers’ dining experiences, call me now at (003) 222-1111 to set up an interview date and time. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Dan Brown

Encl. Resume

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