Recommendation Letter for Waiter

To write a recommendation letter for a waiter, the employer needs to keep a few things in mind. A recommendation letter is written for the purpose of assisting an ex-employee find a new job in hospitality field. Prospective employers rely heavily on recommendation letters as far as making hiring decisions of waiters are concerned.

A good recommendation letter is particularly helpful when someone is applying for a position in the food service industry. Since customers are restaurants’ or hotels’ prime assets, they need to be deal with in a professional manner.

Look at the examples below and pick the ideas to write a great recommendation letter for waiter position.


Waiter Recommendation Letter Sample 1


June 22, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to confirm that Alan Alda has worked as a Waiter for McBurger since January 2008 and has been a valued member of our service team. Alan began working for us as a doorman initially and quickly graduated to a waiter’s position owing to both his interest and a great willingness to provide exceptional customer service.

We have seen many satisfied and returning customers because of great hospitality skills of this young man. Owing to a pleasant personality and the ability to be champion his order taking and serving tactics, he has proved to be a great asset to our restaurant. We have seen several occasions in which patrons have asked to be served by Alan specifically due to the fact that his menu suggesting powers are great – and customers like the food specialties he recommends. As a jack of many trades, Alan has often helped out in the kitchen and at the cash counter in the event of inadequate staff and has performed extremely well in these areas as well.

Being totally dedicated and committed to upholding the values of our restaurant, Alan is a class apart from his contemporaries. He is bright and personable and needs very little motivation owing to his enthusiasm and the ability to achieve the goals that he has set for himself. During my first meeting with Alan, he very categorically announced that he has the capacity to increase our restaurant’s patronage; a promise that he has not only fulfilled but surpassed as well.

I strongly recommend Alan in any food service capacity that he may choose. I am available at (777) 777-7777 for any further questions you may need to ask about Alan.



Simon Williams
Restaurant Manager
54 New Atlanta Ave
Los Angeles, CA 65412


Waiter Recommendation Letter Sample 2


June 22, 2014

To whom it may concern:

This is my personal recommendation letter for John Smith who worked as a Waiter under my supervision at ABC Café for three years. During his service, I found him trustworthy and devoted. He is skilled in his duties, humble in nature and a favorite waiter of regular patrons of ABC Cafe. John has tremendous contributions for the success of ABC café.

John is creative and capable of handling angry patrons; we have benefited from his innovative customer service ideas. He has also worked well as a team leader in addition to a competent team member. He has handled a full range of waiting tasks including; greet patrons, present menus, make recommendations and answer questions about food and beverages. This enthusiastic man is expert in taking orders and communicating the same to kitchen and bar staff, recommending beverages that balance patrons’ meals, and serving food to patrons.

I, without any reservation, recommend John for the position of Waiter and wish him best of luck for his future endeavours. I am confident he will be a great asset for your restaurent. In case of any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to call me at (009) 222-9999.



Alex Davis
Senior Manager, ABC Café

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