Manufacturing Technician Resume Example

The joys of writing a resume aren’t too many – especially if you are forever wondering what works and what doesn’t. This is something that will come with experience.

If you have rehashed your resume a dozen or so times, you will know that your resume needs to be relevant in all senses. Relevance is key to making a resume look good.

Since you must write a resume when you apply for a job, joy or not, it has to be done properly. For a position such as that of a manufacturing technician, you may look into creating a resume this way:



Manufacturing Technician Resume Example



Kyle Trump

2300 Burkshire Road | Ellenwood, GA 85970 | (000) 475-5255 | kyletrump @ email . com


Performance Summary: Highly skilled manufacturing technician with 14-plus-year progressive experience in operating production equipment and assembling components. Demonstrated ability to ensure that all product specifications are properly met to ensure end product quality.

• Proven record of calibrating manufacturing machinery at the beginning of each shift to ensure conformance to standards
• Documented success in performing preventative maintenance and performance analysis on manufacturing machinery
• Able to effectively perform rework and quality testing procedures to ensure that the end product is delivered according to specified standards
• Deep insight into using programs to collect and evaluate operating data to conduct adjustments to products


Failure Analysis Calibration Machine Maintenance
Troubleshooting System Evaluation Quality Control
Storage and Shipping Inventory Management Records Review
Performance Testing Results Analysis Test Procedures

• Developed and documented the 15 steps of machinery calibration which reduced machinery downtime by 62%
• Troubleshot a particularly stubborn operational problem with a machine which was in a state of limbo for 32 days
• Implemented test and analysis procedures for a range of manufacturing machineries which increased their efficiency by 50%
• Maintained quality of end product for 5 years consistently, earning the status of Employee of the Year 4 years in a row


Manufacturing Technician
HARRIS CORPORATION, Ellenwood, GA (6/2010 to Present)

• Test manufacturing machines to ensure that they are in good working order
• Calibrate machine components prior to each manufacturing session
• Ascertain that the correct quantity of raw materials is loaded into the machine
• Test products and subassemblies for both functionality
• Ascertain that all hazardous and non-hazardous materials are labeled and disposed off
• Set controls and monitor and adjust production processes according to the specific of each cycle

Manufacturing Technician
GBY, Ellenwood, GA 5/2004 – 6/2010)

• Prepared materials to be loaded into the machines by ensuring that all specifications are followed
• Inspected finished products to determine if they meet quality control standards
• Maintained inventory of materials and equipment used in manufacturing
• Created and maintained logs of each production cycle
• Assisted in the packaging and labeling finished products

Manufacturing Apprentice
CREE, Ellenwood, GA (1/2002 to 5/2004)

• Tested machines at the beginning of each shift to ensure that they are in good working order
• Assisted in calibrating machine components to ensure quality production
• Set up and operated production equipment according to predefined specifications
• Provided support to engineers in developing and testing prototypes or new processes
• Built packaging for finished products and packed and labeled them appropriately

Associate of Science in Manufacturing Technology – 2002

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