Teacher Cover Letter Example – No Experience

A cover letter for an entry level teacher is a vital part of the job search procedure. Nearly all school districts require candidates to submit a cover letter along with their resume while applying for teaching jobs. Although, you are a fresh graduate or changing your career having no work experience, you should still write an attractive cover letter. The following example will help you how to write a cover letter for entry level teacher with no prior experience.

Teacher Cover Letter Example – No Experience

21 Example North Street
Houston, TX 65598

March 22, 2011

Mr. Albert Anderson
Senior Recruiter
ABC School
541 Some Street
Houston, TX 52241

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am pleased to submit my application for the position of English teacher at ABC School as per your advertisement on USCanadaJob.com. I am looking for employment as a high school teacher with English Literature as area of expertise. I have done my BS in English Literature and now want to work in a private institution. Your school has such a good reputation with both students and faculty that I will proud to join your team.

As yo are seeking high school teachers with backgrounds in history, English, and literature. I possess a number of capabilities for two out of the three and got good grades in these specific subjects. Some highlights of my Qualifications include:

  • Highly skilled in creating lesson plans that efficiently make use of all materials and resources obtainable to attain the objectives of the curriculum
  • Able to keep up to date concerning curriculum content
  • Good understanding to plan effectual classroom instruction by utilizing reasoning skills
  • Demonstrated ability to plan assessment and monitor improvement of students


May I come by your office next week to meet you and discussabout the job and how I might fit into your faculty? You can contact me at (609) 999-3333 any time in order to plan a meeting. I welcome hearing from you and greatful that you have read this cover letter. Additionally, I will contact you by phone next week. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sara Smith

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