Autism Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Writing a resume for a position of Autism Teacher is a bit tedious because this position entails great responsibility. You need to tell the employer how you can be the best person to hold this responsible position. An Autism Teacher resume that tells an employer that you are an ordinary person doesn’t work; you need to put in something that will make an employer look twice!

The following sample will help you how to write a good resume for Autism Teacher position.

Autism Special Education Teacher Resume Example

Jade Tuli
22 Some Avenue – Toms River, NJ 77736
Contact #, Email

Looking for a position as an Autism Teacher with Toms River Regional School where I can use my education, acquired skills and experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis to help children who have trouble with leading a normal life due to retardation.

• Over 5 years of working knowledge of the duties of an Autism Teacher
• Excellent skills in assessing special students in academics, behavior and functional life skills in order to manage an individualized program for them
• In depth knowledge of managing children with mental or physical disabilities brought on by autism
• Profound understanding of managing research strategies and ability to implement them successfully

• Successfully trained a group of 12 children with autism to gain admission in a school that provided normal activities for special children
• Introduced and implemented an interactive program that helped children with autism interact in a better manner with their counterparts and families

June 2007 – Present
Rising Sun
Autism Teacher
• Develop instructional plans based on individual basis and provide differentiated instructions based on children’s individual level of functioning
• Collect and use data to understand plan modification needs
• Maintain continuous communication with parents
• Develop and maintain class schedules
• Monitor students during assigned periods

The City University of New Jersey
BS in Special Education – 2006

• Highly skilled in differentiated instruction modules
• Good knowledge of curriculum content and reasoning abilities
• Excellent communication and professional interaction skills

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