Cover Letter Format for Summer Students

Summer jobs are a great way of earning extra cash during the time school is out. There are many types of summer jobs that one can apply for – some may even help you in gaining experience in the type of work you wish to pursue when you study or finish school.

Students who are looking for summer jobs must make sure that they apply for them like any professional would – by handing in a resume and writing a cover letter. Cover letters for summer students are no different from any that you might write for a regular position. Of course, you may have to highlight your skills more than your experience since you may not have much of the latter.

A cover letter for applying for a summer job will include two things – detail of position applying for and skills you can offer to perform duties of the said position. Here is a format that you can use to apply for a summer position:


Cover Letter Format for Summer Students


6 Pegasus Avenue SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87129

June 9, 2014

Mr. Nelson Moore
Manager Human Resources
44 Hydra Road SE
Rio Rancho, NM 93837


Dear Mr. Moore:

I am interested in applying for the office assistant position at Catacomb that has opened up recently. I understand that you are looking to hire someone for three months for a particular project and I believe that this work is something that I can handle with much meticulousness.

I have had some experience working at the school office last summer and can handle most office related tasks including filing and record management. I am especially interested in working for Catacomb as I know that it provides opportunities to students and directs them professionally. Once the project ends, I am positive that I will have great understanding into the corporate world.

As an enthusiastic individual, I believe in handling all work entrusted to me in a manner conducive to professionalism and with an aim to complete projects on time. Since I am well organized and possess a penchant for accounting which I believe will come in handy in my role as an office assistant, I am a good choice for this position.

I will call your office soon to ask for an interview date so that we can discuss this in person. In the interim, I am available at (111) 111-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henry Cole

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