Cover Letter for Summer Student Job

Before writing your cover letter for summer job, find out as much as possible about the employer. Ascertain their expectations of the job and associated skills that are required to fulfill the role. Begin by introducing yourself and stating your career objective. You can add a few lines as to why you are interested in the position. Now start painting a picture of your profile. Use simple words; no fancy language needed. Highlight the qualifications the employer is seeking in the role.

Ending of the letter is as important as the beginning. Do not leave the ball in the employer’s court. Tell them that you intend to follow up and also ask for an interview.


Sample Cover Letter for Summer Student Job


Margaret Doris
388 Willow Ave
Phoenix, AZ 49666
(006) 333-2222
margaret . doris @ email . com

June 4, 2014

Mr. Clark Harrison
HR Manager
AA Associates
76 Merlin Ave
Phoenix, AZ 49666


Dear Mr. Harrison:

As a final year student of AAS at the community college of phoenix, I wish to apply for the advertised summer job in capacity of an office clerk. I am a dynamic individual with strong work ethics, always willing to learn and practice new skills. I also bring 6 months’ volunteer experience as an office aide at Hudson Inc., which has rendered me fully familiar with the daily duties of the position in office setting.

In capacity of a summer office clerk, I offer the following strengths:

• Great attention to detail coupled with ability to follow written and verbal instructions
• Excellent typing and data entry abilities
• Familiar with usage of MS office suite (All versions)
• Able to maintain files and documents properly and retrieve the same as needed
• Remarkable communication skills
• Skilled in faxing, scanning and mailing documents and sorting correspondence

In addition to above competencies, I am a very good team player and usually get along very well with others. I believe my skills in front desk handling and electronic record keeping can also come in very handy at AA in capacity of an office clerk.

If you seek a self motivated individual with the right skills set to enhance office efficiency at P & J this summer, call me now at (006) 333-2222 to set up an interview date and time. I would like to learn more about the vacancy by meeting you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Margaret Doris

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