Sample Career Profiles for Fresh Graduates

Let’s start with understanding what a profile is and what is its purpose. A profile is a brief section that usually appears on top of a resume. It can serve more than one purpose:

• A profile serves as a trailer of your candidacy. It lets the reader know what’s to come and serves to spark interest.

• Profile serves as a career objective. It specifies the role or position the candidate is seeking.

• A profile serves as a summary of your skills since it showcases two or three most relevant skills.

Action words and strong adjectives massively contribute in making your profile impressive. It is advisable to go through some easily available lists of power self descriptive words and select some that truly define you to incorporate in your profile.

Following are some sample career profiles for fresh graduates along with brief accompanying discussion.

Sample Career Profiles for Fresh Graduates

Since profile section is rapidly gaining popularity and is seen on almost every resume these days, resume specialists and smart candidates have instilled a lot of creativity in profile patterns. Here are some basic format examples suitable for fresh graduates.

 A rational, analytical and versatile individual seeking an entry level position as an administrative assistant. Skills include: Calendar keeping, office management and interdepartmental coordination.

 Energetic individual with immaculate leadership qualities seeking work as a receptionist. Particularly skilled in front desk handling, correspondence forwarding and clerical tasks.

You can add some impression to your profile by some fancy formatting but make sure you don’t make it too fancy.

● A dynamic and outgoing marketing graduate, offering service in capacity of Junior Marketing Manager. Particularly skilled in:

– Developing marketing strategies and initiating campaigns.
– Focus group and market research.
– Web and print promotional content development.

● Compassionate and highly dependable fresh nursing graduate registered with the AHA. Core competencies include:

– Medical Administration – Patient Evaluation – Progress Monitoring
– Medical Equipment Handling – Consultant Assistance – Patient Care

Focusing your profile on the employer is another important consideration. The summary is obviously your description but make sure the competencies you mention in it are the ones being sought by the prospective employer in the suitable candidate. Read and re read the job advertisement to determine the prospective employer’s expectations of the position before writing your profile summary.

● A hardworking and diligent individual, seeking a teller position with the Bank of America. Expertise include cash handling, transaction processing and traveler’s ticket selling.

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