Cover Letter for Stewardess Resume

Many talented and highly qualified stewardesses often find cover letter writing a very difficult task. If you are one such candidate who needs a kick start for writing a cover letter for stewardess position, welcome aboard!

Here are some questions to ponder on before you start writing. If you make notes of answers you will be in a very good position to write an awesome letter.

• Who is going to read this cover letter?
• Which skills are demanded by the job?
• Which skills of the demanded ones do you possess?
• What can you do to reflect enthusiasm in your writing?
• What do you know about the hiring firm?
• How are your previous jobs similar to this one?
• How would hiring you benefit the company?

Following is a great sample cover letter for stewardess resume.

Cover Letter for Stewardess Resume

Gracie Tennyson
402 Emmy Sq ● Warren, RI 87343 ● (008) 666-5555 ● gracie @ email . com

June 13, 2014

Mr. Kevin Lance
HR Manager
Blount Small Ship Adventures
607 Sea View Lane
Warren, RI 87343


Dear Mr. Lance:

If you are seeking a multitalented stewardess with hands on experience in hospitality and customer service, look no further. My resume is enclosed for consideration.

My experience and qualifications seem to be a perfect match for your job requirements:



Housekeeping skills. Well versed in cooking and carrying out diverse housekeeping tasks including dish washing, dinning set up and cleaning, and general cleaning.
Physical stamina. Remarkable physical strength, demonstrated ability to work in confined spaces, bend, stoop and lift up till 70 lbs. adept at climbing and descending ladder ways.
Interpersonal skills. Exceptional communication skills with a customer oriented attitude. Track record of communicating effectively with guests, understanding and catering for their needs efficiently.

In addition, I am a valid US passport holder, familiar with general DOT regulations applicable to the field.

Considering the amazing alignment among what you seek and what I offer, I believe myself to be a front runner for the position. May I have an interview with you in order to discuss and elaborate my relevant competencies further? Please call me at the above numbers to set up an interview now. I shall also call you in a few days to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Gracie Tennyson

Encl. Resume


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