Job Description for Cocktail Server

Cocktail servers are an integral part of hospitality industry. They come under the broader category of serving staff as they perform many duties that overlap those of other servers.

Job Overview:

As the title suggests, cocktail servers principally serve cocktail drinks to customers in a particular hospitality environment. They take orders from customers, provide them with information on what drinks are available and make sure that customers’ orders are delivered to them on time. Serving cocktails is not all that cocktail servers do; bars, nightclubs and casinos also have food menus from which customers can choose and order and it is up to cocktail servers to make sure that customers’ orders are taken accurately and delivered promptly. As intermediaries between bartenders and customers, cocktail servers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

In essence, cocktail servers need to be polite and completely customer service oriented. Many customers tend to ask what ingredients a particular cocktail possesses so it is important for cocktail servers to have this information. To be able to answer customers’ questions intelligently, cocktail servers need to have understanding of how different types of cocktails are made and what goes into them.

Cocktail Server Duties and Responsibilities

• Welcome customers and assist them in finding tables
• Lead them to designated tables and help them in seating
• Present them with cocktail and food menus
• Inform customers of daily specials and any discounted deal that may help raise sales
• Help customers in choosing the right items from the menus
• Answer customers’ questions regarding different cocktail blends and ingredients
• Assist customers in choosing food items that go well with chosen cocktails
• Take beverage and food orders from customers and inform them of the duration of wait
• Repeat order information to ensure accuracy
• Convey beverage orders to the bars and food orders to the kitchen
• Keep a lookout for prepared food and beverage orders
• Expedite orders that may be running late
• Pick up orders from kitchen and bar area and carry them on trays to the customers’ tables
• Place order plates and glasses in front of each customer
• Ask them if they would like cocktail refills or if additional cocktail orders need to be given
• Provide customers with bills and assist them with making payments
• Clear dirty dishware, flatware and glasses and replenish with clean utensils
• Clean tables and make sure that fresh table cloths are placed
• Set up and break down bar areas

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