Sample Resume for Security Guard Position

Security guards safeguard property against robbery and damage, control right of entry to establishments, keep order and implement regulations at public events and inside establishments. They are in employment by private security agencies, retail stores, transport facilities, housing complexes, educational, financial and health institutions, manufacturing establishments, cultural establishments, and organizations all through the private and public sectors.

Following is a sample resume for security guard job. This sample security guard resume will give you a quick start on building an efficient and optimized resume for your employment application. You are free to customize and edit this sample security guard resume as maintained by your specific requirement for job application. We hope that our example security guard resume will set out a long way in portraying your abilities and skill sets professionally.

In addition, this sample is also effective for the following parallel positions of security guard:
1. Night Guard
2. Gate man/woman
3. Plant Guard
4. Armored Car Guard


Sample Resume for Security Guard Job


John Wilson

1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890, Email:

OBJECTIVE: Committed security guard with exceptional expertise in providing equipment and life security and accompany service. Eager to get a similar position where public safety skills will be fully utilized.

• Extremely skilled in overseeing building security, locks systems and measures
• Expert in controlling access to establishments, issue passes and direct visitors to proper areas
• Zealous to attend to persons with special needs
• Familiar with patrolling in assigned areas, on foot or in vehicles, to guard against theft, shoplifting, damage and fire
• Conscious about safety of children crossing roads


ABC Best Store, Atlantic City, NJ
Security Guard | Jan 2007 – present

• Inspect and report irregularities like leaking water pipes, security doors left unlocked, existence of not permitted persons etc.
• Performed everyday checks of street lights and crisis call boxes to make sure proper functioning
• Tell and warn violators of rule infractions like smoking or carrying forbidden things
• Provided shut out services and information with public assistance
• Examine gates, doors and windows to decide the security
• Arrange reports and routine
• Daily patrolling, by walk or on vehicle to assure the security of assigned area
• Provided guide services to visitors and customers


Diploma: ABC SCHOOL, Atlantic City, NJ

• Great skills in checking age identification of patrons
• Aptitude to enforce regulations of an establishment to keep order and resolve conflicts
• Able to collect data, compile and prepare reports
• Excellent ability to detect problems and report information to appropriate personnel
• Thorough knowledge of local, state and federal traffic rules and regulations

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