CEO Speech to Employees – Sample and Guidelines

A speech does not necessarily have a pattern or rules governing it; as a CEO you basically say what you want to, by making sure that you get your point across. The length of a speech should never be an issue. You just need to make it as long (or short) as it needs to be. Speeches are not the most looked forward to things so when you begin writing one, make sure it is interesting even if it is slightly long.

Employees usually dread speeches coming from CEOs or other people in authority since they are usually perceived as boring. However, speeches do not have to be boring; if the delivery has some amount of humor in it and is precise, employees will listen and look forward to the next time!

Exposing an idea, defending it and motivating the audience are three areas that you will need to work on. What are speeches all about? Speeches can span many topics and can be given following a number of situations. Here, we will see an example of a CEO’s speech to his employee that is mostly motivational in nature. Have a look!

Sample Speech of CEO to Employees

Hello Amhurst Team Members!

For those of you who I haven’t met before, I am Julian Mathews, the CEO of Amhurst Inc. I welcome all new members of the company on board and hope that this will be a long relationship. My reason for calling you all here today is not to bore you with company policies and practices. The last sales year was not what we all expected it to be. Despite the overtime that most of you worked and the immense effort that went into our marketing campaigns, we were not able to meet our targets.

However, I believe that all of you tried very hard and I am very appreciative of that. From this year onwards, we need to work just as hard. I am all for a company culture that dictates that we help each other out even if it is not our scope of work. I am very happy to know that many of you have done this in the past and I ask you to please continue as it will only mean one thing – success.

I understand that many of you feel that a company’s head honcho is inaccessible. Well, I am not. You all know my email address and if any of you feel that there is a matter important enough, please do not hesitate to write to me. I do not want to be just the head of this company; I want to be part of its success as well.

Thank you for gathering here today to hear me out. I am sure we will all go back to our desks knowing that we have someone to fall back on. Amhurst is all about positive interaction and positive feedback. Let’s get work rolling for this year’s sales targets now!

Good luck Team Amhurst!

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