Sample Pay Raise Request Letter to Employer

Asking for pay raises verbally is a tedious task and may not be taken as very professional. If you feel that your salary is not commensurate with your skills and the amount of work you are doing, it is time to ask for a raise – through a letter. Writing to your employer asking for a pay raise is the best way to get your message across. Why is it better than asking verbally? Well, asking directly if your employer would consider raising your salary can put you in all kinds of strange situations – choice of right words, stuttering due to nervousness or simply not being able to explain why you believe that you deserve a pay raise can turn against you and make your request feel inadequate.

Writing a pay raise request letter is the way to go! There are certain things that you must keep in mind when asking for a pay raise. Be realistic – do not ask for the moon. Ask for only as much as you truly deserve and is being paid to other people who are holding similar positions in the industry. It is advised not to beat around the bush by putting fluff in your letter. Be to the point by telling your employer why you believe that you deserve this pay raise.

Still unsure about how to write a pay raise request letter? Look at the sample below:


Sample Pay Raise Request Letter to Employer


November 27, 2014

Mr. Larry Finch
Director Sales
Spencer’s Gifts
4 Saltwell Road
Shinnston, WV 89133


Dear Mr. Finch:

I have been working in multiple sales roles (my present role being that of a sales specialist) at Spencer’s Gifts since the company was founded in April 2008. Since the time I was hired, I have been exceeding the sales targets that you have provided to me and have trained many sales personnel over the years as well.

My reason for writing to you is to ask for a pay raise which I believe I deserve at this point. Please refer to some of the recent accomplishments to my name below:

• Increased customer base by 58% in 2013 owing to aggressive selling techniques and exceptional customer services
• Decreased costs by 25% by implementing a surplus waste management system
• Reined in a rollercoaster sales project coined “Sales Tsunami” which increased Spencer’s Gifts market share by 23%

In view of the above and the added responsibilities that have been entrusted to me since July 2014, I believe that a pay raise is in order. Please contact Mr. Val Kilmer (my supervisor) for any additional information that you may need regarding my achievements and work duties. I would appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Thank you very much for your consideration.




Cody Simpson
Sales Specialist
Spencer’s Gifts

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