Job Confirmation Letter Sample

A job confirmation letter is written for the purpose of informing a prospective employee of his confirmation for a position that he or she has been interviewed for. This letter is also required when confirming the status of a contractual/casual employee.

Confirmation letters basically include information of the position in question, the terms agreed on, and mention of some important company policies and details of joining. While there are no set rules on how any of these may be listed on a job confirmation letter, there is a certain lingo that one needs to follow in order to make the letter seem professional. You may want to mention a starting date, compensation and a summarized job description in a job confirmation letter along with welcoming the employee on board.

Two samples of a job confirmation are given below for your reference:

Job Confirmation Letter Sample 1 (For New Hires)


June 22, 2014

Mr. Donald Ferring
54 Creek Road,
New York, NY 83938

Re: Position Confirmation


Dear Mr. Ferring:

It is with great pleasure that I confirm your position as a Marketing Manager with Harrington’s with effect from July 1, 2014. Your starting salary has been set at $66,000 per annum which will be transferred into your account by the end of each week.

As a permanent member of Harrington’s marketing team, you will be eligible for insurance benefits and paid leaves, the details of which will be provided to you at the time of your induction. On the day of joining, please meet with Ms. Felicity Hawks (Human Resource Manager) in her office (room 42). You will be required to carry all documents that will assist in establishing your legal identification including your driver’s license and social security card along with your birth certificate.

On your date of joining, you will be required to attend an orientation which will help familiarize you with the way Harrington’s works and also give you a detailed document containing information on your job description. You will be required to observe regular work timings on this day (9 am to 5 pm) and it will be considered as your first working day on record.

I am very pleased to have you onboard and look forward to a collaborative and productive working relationship with you. To confirm acceptance of this position, please sign this letter at the bottom and return to us on an immediate basis. Please feel free to call me if you have any queries.

Thank you.


Sincere regards,

Hanna Rutledge
Human Resource Executive
(777) 777 – 7777

Job Confirmation Letter Sample 2 (For Existing Employee)


July 22, 2014

Ms. Sara Jones
IT Coordinator
XYZ Company
587 New Ave
San Diege, CA 54212

Ref No.:- 48 (MD) 25-C


Dear Ms. Jones,

Re: Confirmation 

We are pleased to offer you a permanent position in recognition of the excellent work you have done for XYZ Company. We are very certain that you will meet the new responsibilities, which go with the position with the same level of eagerness and expertise which you have exhibited with your outstanding performance.

We are confident that you will put your maximum effort for the success of XYZ Company.

All the other terms and conditions of your employment remain same.

Please intimate your acceptance by signing this letter in duplicate and return this letter to the Human Resources department.




General Manager
XYZ Company

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