Good Bye Email to Colleagues after Resignation

There is much that one leaves behind when shifting jobs in search of greener pastures. The most important thing that you leave behind is the people you have worked with for a certain period of time. Since most of us spend a major part of our day at the office, we tend to get close to our colleagues who eventually become friends and sometimes as close as family.

What is worse than leaving your colleagues is saying goodbye which is never a fun thing to do! Riddled with emotions, one often struggles to choose the right words when saying goodbye. The best way to break the news is to send an email which is both professional and will do the job of providing your colleagues with the dreaded news!

Goodbye emails can have any tone that the writer chooses. After all, this is the last email that you will be sending to a particular set of people so it can basically be a little personal if you would like. So what does one write in a goodbye email to colleagues? The following email example can provide you with ideas. Have a look!

Sample Good Bye Email to Colleagues after Resignation

To: All Coworkers

Subject: Final Goodbye

Dear Coworkers:

As some of you know, today was my last working day at Barry’s Plastic Corporation. The last ten years have been a rollercoaster ride that I have enjoyed immensely owing to a multitude of successes but mostly because I got to work with you all. My decision to leave was plagued by two things only – the amount of time I spent at Barry’s and the people I worked with.

Unfortunately, my personal circumstances did not permit me to change my decision for either and hence I am writing my farewell to you all. Before I leave, I want to thank you all for being such great coworkers. I have had the opportunity to learn positive things from each and every one of you and I cannot possibly tell you how grateful I am for this mix of talent that I have had the good fortune to work with. It seems like only a few weeks have passed since I was welcomed aboard Barry’s Plastic Corporation when in reality, it has been a decade!

I have admired all of you for your individual flairs at what you do and I am sincerely thankful to all of you being not just coworkers but great friends as well. I wish you all the very best for your futures and hope that we will remain in touch constantly.



Mac Hilton

Good Bye Email to Colleagues after Resignation – Sample 2

Dear All,

This is my last email from ABC company network. I take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude to all my co-workers and managers who have been very kind and supportive throughout my stay at ABC Company.

Around one and half years ago when I joined this company, we had a huge task in hand to accomplish. I will always remember those days and nights spent here for the success of AA Project. ABC Company and AA project is undoubtedly one of my most valuable experiences in professional life.

I wish success to all of you in your lives and also wish prosperity to this company.

Over and above, I want to clarify that I do not possess any negative feelings against any of my colleagues. I also expect from all of you to forgive me if any of my words or actions have hurt you.



Anna Michaels

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