Nurse Thank You Email after Interview

Want to increase your chances of employment as a nurse? Write a thank you email after you are done with an interview! Some people argue that post-interview thank you emails can be overkill but they are actually wrong; an employer has taken out the time to interview you and he will appreciate you being grateful for it! Of course, doing so will give you another chance to get in touch with a prospective employer and reiterate your interest!

Thank you emails for nursing positions are popular nowadays for many reasons, the main one being the fact that employers focus on the professional candidate who writes one. S/he may then go back to an application and reread it and may even decide to call you in for a second interview. So thank you emails do increase your chances of employment!

The sample thank you email below written by a nurse can give you a good idea of how one needs to be written. Take a look!


Nurse Thank You Email after Interview 

To: Simon Powell [Email Address]

Subject: Thank You for Interview

Dear Mr. Powell:

I would like to extend my thanks for the time that you took out to interview me for the position of a Nurse at One Health on Wednesday. Meeting with you gave me great insight into your health policies and it was an absolute pleasure knowing that there are still people who take healthcare as more than just a business.

As a compassionate registered nurse, I believe that I can contribute significantly to your vision for One Health. Having worked in both hospitals and care facilities, I have a unique blend of abilities that can be used to handle patient-side care of different natures. As I mentioned at the interview, I am well versed in handling complex emergencies and have a sizeable experience managing difficult patients. Additionally, I believe that I can be an asset to One Health owing to my ability to work with cancer patients since I have been especially trained in oncology related cases.

Working for One Health will be a great opportunity to provide my input to the success of the healthcare plans that this hospital is so famous for. I anticipate another meeting with you soon so that we can further discuss the possibility of my joining. I am available at (999) 999-9999 if you need to speak to me.

Thank you once again for your valuable time in interviewing me and reading this email.



Sally Bale

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