Letter of Recommendation for Nursing Student

A Letter of Recommendation for Nursing Student should indicate how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity. Nursing schools are primarily interested in recommendations that come from the immediate supervisors or professors who know the applicant and her academic work. They are mainly concerned with faculty members’ estimates of the candidate’s general promise to the nursing profession.

Following is a sample letter of recommendation for nursing student which will give you a clear idea.


 Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Sample

November 19, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to give my unconditional recommendation to Maria Johnson regarding admission at the ABC College. I was Maria’s clinical instructor during the fall semester 2010 (Course Name, unit). Maria was the most brilliant student among her peers and constantly delivered the utmost quality patient care during practical sessions.

She possess excellent critical thinking abilities, further than the expected level for a third-semester clinical student. She remained very kind, temperate, diligent, and proficient at all times during her studies. Maria is a natural leader on the floor and a constructive influence in the clinical group. In addition, she is eager, focused, and keen to learn, displayed big inventiveness, and an successful team player. Without question, she demonstrated exceptional nursing potential and will be a good addition to your institution.

For a second time, I strongly recommend Maria for the admission at ABC College. In case of any query or confirmation please contact me on the numbers given below.




Maria Dew
[Clinical Instructor]
[Contact #s] [Email Address]

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