Buzzwords for PSW Resume

Below is a collection of Buzz Words that you can put in into your resume. Because many employers have computerized systems to scrutinize resumes, you have to include some keywords or buzz words desired for personal support worker position. You should not use all of these (and you must only use those that relate to your experience) but you must try to acquire at least a few of these into your skills or knowledge areas of your resume.

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Resume Buzzwords

1. Time Management
2. Organized
3. In-Residence Care
4. Communication Skills
5. Treatment Of (Various Illness, Disease, Etc)
6. Problem Solving
7. Client Education
8. Administering Medicine To Clients
9. Skilled With Working With Difficult Personalities
10. Compassionate Care
11. Long-Term Care
12. Case Management

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