Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

An interview for the position of a pharmacy technician will focus on how much you know about filling prescriptions and handling customers. So you will need to be especially careful in answering each question. It is important to gauge what type of questions require you to provide detail and for which ones, a simple statement will suffice. If you are asked a situational question, you will need to provide detail but for one in which your knowledge of the industry or work is tested, you can make do with a one-liner.

Preparing for an interview for a pharmacy technician position will require you to study the job description closely. Understanding what a pharmacy technician does on a daily basis and how he manages customers is important as these two things form the basis of your interview. It is important to understand that there is no room for mistakes when you are filling prescriptions and an interviewer will focus on your detail orientation primarily.

Some questions that you may be asked during a pharmacy technician interview include:

Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What typical steps do you take to fill out a prescription?
The first thing I do is receive and understand the prescription that has been handed to me. Once I know what the prescription says, I pick up ingredients and mix them in the correct quantity (by the book) and fill containers. After this, I make sure that I tag them immediately and appropriately and hand them to the licensed pharmacist so that he can recheck what I have done. Once this is done, I had it over to the patient.

Tell us of one trait that you believe a pharmacy technician must possess. Explain why.
Every pharmacy technician must be detail oriented. This is because when he fills out a prescription, there is no room for mistakes; even the slightest of negligence can have dire consequences.

What do you know about the common ways drugs are stored?
Depending on the type of drug in question, they need to be stored away from direct heat and light. They need to be placed on proper shelves where their expiry date is evident. Any near expiry or expired drug needs to be discarded safely. Some drugs may also need to be kept at a temperature cooler than room temperature so it is important to keep them in fridges according to the temperature instructions provided on them.

Have you ever worked with a pharmacist with whom you had trouble dealing with?
All the pharmacists that I have worked with have been amiable. Slight differences in opinion are evident everywhere but since pharmacy technicians take their orders from pharmacists, it is important to take the backseat and follow instructions.

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