Sample Pay Raise Request Letter to Employer

Asking for pay raises verbally is a tedious task and may not be taken as very professional. If you feel that your salary is not commensurate with your skills and the amount of work you are doing, it is time to ask for a raise – through a letter. Writing to your employer asking for… Read More »

Able Bodied Seaman Cover Letter Sample

Able Seaman / Woman stand watch, control and preserve deck equipment and carry out other deck and bridge duties on board ships or self-propelled vessels under the direct supervision of deck officers. They are usually employed by marine transport companies, federal government departments and the armed forces. Following is a sample cover letter for able… Read More »

Program Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Creating compelling communications is an art. A winning cover letter for Program Coordinator position is a masterpiece of the same. To earn an interview call form the prospective employer, one needs to produce a really impressive cover letter for the position of program coordinator. In order to come up with an effective letter, you must… Read More »

The Best Cover Letter for ICU RN

Following is an exceptional cover letter for the position of ICU RN. While sending your job application or resume for the job of ICU Registered Nurse, always attach this type of cover letter with your resume.     Best Cover Letter ICU RN     78 Example New Street Austin, TX 65210 April 22, 2011… Read More »

Babysitter Reference Letter Sample

To find a new job, babysitters usually need a reference letter from previous employers. If they have work experience, they may get a reference letter from their teacher or friend. The process of writing a reference letter for a babysitter may seem intimidating especially if you haven’t written a reference letter before. It is fortunate… Read More »

Letter of Recommendation for Nursing Student

A Letter of Recommendation for Nursing Student should indicate how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity. Nursing schools are primarily interested in recommendations that come from the immediate supervisors or professors who know the applicant and her academic work. They are mainly concerned with faculty members’ estimates of the candidate’s general… Read More »

Teacher Cover Letter Example – No Experience

A cover letter for an entry level teacher is a vital part of the job search procedure. Nearly all school districts require candidates to submit a cover letter along with their resume while applying for teaching jobs. Although, you are a fresh graduate or changing your career having no work experience, you should still write… Read More »