Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

An interview for the position of a pharmacy technician will focus on how much you know about filling prescriptions and handling customers. So you will need to be especially careful in answering each question. It is important to gauge what type of questions require you to provide detail and for which ones, a simple statement… Read More »

Machine Operator Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you think you will be a successful machine operator since you do not possess any relevant experience? I am a detail-oriented individual and have the ability to grasp new concepts easily. Since my father was also a factory worker I have had exposure to machines and have always been intrigued by them. I… Read More »

Driver Resume Sample

According to research based statistics compiled by many resume experts on the average, a resume gets scanned by prospective employers in 10 to 20 seconds. This means that the opening of your driver resume needs to be outstanding. It must engage the reader. Following are some tips on how to write a really effective profile… Read More »

Sample Career Profiles for Fresh Graduates

Let’s start with understanding what a profile is and what is its purpose. A profile is a brief section that usually appears on top of a resume. It can serve more than one purpose: • A profile serves as a trailer of your candidacy. It lets the reader know what’s to come and serves to… Read More »

Duties and Responsibilities of a Caregiver for Elderly

Elderly caregivers provide non-medical services to the elderly in a facility or their homes. They are hired to provide elderly patients with help in living on a day-to-day basis and assisting them with performing daily tasks such as washing, bathing, walking, dressing and toileting. Since many elderly patients are now prone to diseases such as… Read More »

Job Description for Cocktail Server

Cocktail servers are an integral part of hospitality industry. They come under the broader category of serving staff as they perform many duties that overlap those of other servers. Job Overview: As the title suggests, cocktail servers principally serve cocktail drinks to customers in a particular hospitality environment. They take orders from customers, provide them… Read More »

Office Manager Job Description for Resume

It is important to keep offices organized if we want to get any work done. Office managers are hired primarily to ensure smooth running of an office. An office manager ensures that company operations are regularized by maintaining office systems and supervising office staff. The role of an office manager is multifaceted; he or she… Read More »