Letter of Recommendation for House Cleaner

Recommendation letters are a key to gaining the job in house cleaning industry. If you have worked well in a cleaning position for a certain period of time, chances are that you will receive an amazing recommendation letter for when you want to switch jobs. For domestic positions such as that of a house cleaner,… Read More »

Cover Letter for Summer Student Job

Before writing your cover letter for summer job, find out as much as possible about the employer. Ascertain their expectations of the job and associated skills that are required to fulfill the role. Begin by introducing yourself and stating your career objective. You can add a few lines as to why you are interested in… Read More »

Personal Care Attendant Cover Letter

Trying to find a perfect opening line for your personal care attendant cover letter? Here is an idea. Begin with a question. Present your candidacy as a challenge seeker. Nobody knows your market value better than yourself. You know the industry demands and your relevant competencies. All you need to do is join the dots.… Read More »

Registered Nurse Cover Letter Sample Australia

Overview The following cover letter sample of registered nurse or RN is specifically designed for Australian employers. This format can also be used for other countries such as Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand.   Registered Nurse Cover Letter Sample – Australian Format   Kelly Arnold 1/78 Winston Street Marrackville QLD 3333 T: (07) 55… Read More »

Sample Recommendation Letters for Nurses

Thinking of writing a recommendation letter for a healthcare position? Think hard! Writing recommendation letters for sensitive positions needs much deliberation and precision because of the nature of work involved. Since recommendation letters are all about providing positive feedback to an employee so that he or she can have a good chance at gaining a… Read More »

Nursing Externship Cover Letter Sample

15 Jones Street Toronto City, ON S9C 6C3 (222) 666-2222 anna@ email.com February 3, 2011 Ms. Christine Smith Senior Administrator St. James Hospital 1234 South 58 Center Street Toronto, ON S9C 6S7   Re: Application for Nursing Externship Dear Ms. Smith: I am a second year student at the York University’s Nursing School and am… Read More »