Sample Internship Certificate

Working as an intern in any arena can provide you with insight into how the real world works. It prepares you for the challenges of working in real time environments and builds your confidence manifold. Most internship programs are not paid ones but for most young graduates, experience is payment enough. However some do pay… Read More »

Ground Hostess Job Description

As opposed to stewardesses, ground hostesses provide passenger support services while passengers are still at the airport. This is a multifaceted job and specific duties of a ground hostess actually depend on the specific job description of the individual, the size of the airport and the particular airline that they represent. One of the main… Read More »

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter No Experience

A cover letter for Medical Receptionist position is your first opportunity to attract a prospective employer. A good cover letter invariably serves the following two purposes: it convinces the employer that you are a viable candidate and it motivates the employer to read your resume. Your medical receptionist cover letter must be focused on the… Read More »

Cafe Assistant Job Duties and Responsibilities

Depending on the size and type of café, café assistants are responsible for a huge array of duties. Most of these duties revolve around preparing and serving food and beverages. But this is not all that their work encompasses. They need to make sure that the café is clean and sanitized at all times and… Read More »

How to Inform Customers about Your Resignation

One of the most difficult things to do when leaving a job where you have been in constant contact with customers is letting them know that you will no longer be able to serve them in future. While many employers disagree to a former or near-former employee having any contact with their customers, informing them… Read More »

Nurse Thank You Email after Interview

Want to increase your chances of employment as a nurse? Write a thank you email after you are done with an interview! Some people argue that post-interview thank you emails can be overkill but they are actually wrong; an employer has taken out the time to interview you and he will appreciate you being grateful… Read More »

Customer Service Cashier Job Description

There are many aspects of customer services, cashiering being one of them. A cashier working in any environment does not only work on the cash register. There is much more to a cashier’s job than mere payment processing. A cashier is usually one of the first points of contact in a retail environment. Many cashiers… Read More »