CNA Cover Letter with No Experience

CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants give nursing care typically under the control of medical practitioners, registered nurses or senior health professionals. They are usually employed by hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, rehabilitation centers, doctors’ private offices, clinics, companies, private homes and society health centers. Following is a very cover letter sample for an entry… Read More »

PSW Resume Example

PSW Job Description: PSWs or personal support workers work in many capacities including care facilities and private homes where they are responsible for the physical and emotional wellbeing of the patients that they cater to. As providers of in-home services, personal support workers have much responsibility on their shoulders as far as patient care and… Read More »

Sample Experience Certificate for Software Engineer

Experience certificates are great tools to help a Software Engineer get a new job. They serve as confirmation that s/he actually did what an individual claim. Employers hand out experience certificates as part of the leaving process; some companies do not offer them voluntarily but an employee can ask for it for his benefit. While… Read More »

Cafe Cashier Resume Sample

Cafe Cashiers operate cash registers of cafe, utilize optical price scanners, computers or other equipment to record and receive payment for cafe services or goods. They are usually employed by internet café, tea cafe, restaurants and other similar establishments. Following is an example of Cafe Cashier Resume Sample. The job seeker in this cashier resume focuses on… Read More »

Instructions About Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are becoming more and more popular owing to the boom in technology and the convenience that they pose. Many employers want to speak to a prospective employee on the telephone before calling for a face to face interview. Some employers even make a hiring decision right after they have conducted a telephone interview.… Read More »

Cover Letter for Stewardess Resume

Many talented and highly qualified stewardesses often find cover letter writing a very difficult task. If you are one such candidate who needs a kick start for writing a cover letter for stewardess position, welcome aboard! Here are some questions to ponder on before you start writing. If you make notes of answers you will… Read More »

Household Manager Resume Sample

A resume for household manager position can be divided into three broad steps: 1. Job history Compilation: The first step as you plan to write your resume must be to make a list of your employment history along with dates. 2. Organization: Once you have a list of your professional experience, organize the information along with job… Read More »