Machine Operator Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you think you will be a successful machine operator since you do not possess any relevant experience?
I am a detail-oriented individual and have the ability to grasp new concepts easily. Since my father was also a factory worker I have had exposure to machines and have always been intrigued by them. I strongly believe you will find me to be a quick learner and an efficient worker.

Tell me three adjectives pertaining to your personality that your friends would verify?
Three adjectives describing me would be: persistent, responsible and adaptable.

Share an instance where you were highly disappointed in your career?
During my first year of work at a local clothing factory I mis-fed the embroidery pattern in a machine for a batch of 50 items. I found out after the first came out and immediately reset the pattern but by the time the command was finally cancelled, five more had come out. I was very disappointed in myself. Ever since then I have made it a habit to do one test sample before feeding large amounts in the machine.

Which qualities or qualifications you feel are mandatory to become a successful machine operator?
I believe one needs to be really impressed by how machines work to be able to enjoy each day at work. To succeed as a machine operator, skills in forklift and pallet jack operations, inventory management and preventive maintenance of machinery are mandatory.

Share a stressful work situation you came across while working a machine operator?
When I joined RJP industries back in 2009 I found out that the previous employee had not maintained the inventory and I was somehow held responsible for it since I did not report the fact on time. It was quite stressful and kind of unfair since I had fulfilled my duty, only did not report the discrepancies in previous records. I learnt from this incident to always communicate every major or minor issue to the management at once.

In which job title did you face a striking and quick change?
In capacity of warehouse assistant while working with ABC Company, it so happened that the company was in loss and was sold. The new administration changed everything, all rules and policy. This was rapid for me but being an adaptable person I managed well and worked with the new management on very good terms for the following 3 years until I had to resign due to family relocation in Chicago.

Explain a period in which you had to deal with a workplace conflict? How did you handle it?
Our manager was on leave and a replacement was on duty instead. He asked me to implement a stitching sequence that saved time but compromised the quality of end product. After much discussion and showing him samples of both end products I finally convinced him to let me work on the sequence that generated the desired quality of end product.

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