Nurse Aide / Orderly Job Description Sample

Nursing aides and orderlies both perform more of less the same function. Working primarily under the supervision of registered nurses, these individuals take orders from nurses and provide direct or indirect patient care. While the work of either does not include much medical assistance, they may be required to provide patients with medication reminders and maintain order and cleanliness.

The main job of nursing aides and orderlies is to help feed, groom and bathe patients along with providing assistance in toileting activities. They may be required to move patients from one room to another or to appointments and even change bed linens. As part of their work, they are also expected to ensure that patients’ rooms are kept clean and sanitized and that patients receive the medical attention that they need. Often, nursing aides are called upon by patients to ask to run errands such as collecting food from cafeterias or calling nursing staff for medical assistance.

A list of job duties particular to nursing aides’ and orderlies’ job is given below:

Nursing Aide / Orderly Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Answer patients’ calls by responding to signal bell, lights and intercoms

• Determine patients’ needs and perform measures to meet those needs

• Change dressings on wounds and assist with handling slings and support bandages

• Provide support to the nursing staff in operating medical equipment such as ECG machines and x-rays

• Change bed linen on a regular basis and ensure that soiled or dirty linen is transported to the laundry on an immediate basis

• Ensure absolute cleanliness and sanitization of patients’ rooms and bathrooms

• Make sure that all examination rooms are kept tidy and clean on a constant basis

• Collect specimens such as urine and blood samples and transport them to the laboratory

• Collect and deliver diagnostic tests to nurses upon specific requests

• Provide physical and emotional support to patients in times of distress

• Ensure that each patient takes meals according to health plan provided by concerned doctors

• Clean and sanitize wheelchairs and portable medical equipment

• List patients and transport them on to portable beds to transport them to examination or surgical rooms

• Accompany patients to appointments and therapy sessions

• Assist bedridden patients in repositioning themselves and ensure maintenance of dignity during the procedure

• Assist families and patients understand medical instructions properly

• Observe patients’ conditions on a constant basis and communicate changes to nursing staff

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