Sample Recommendation Letter for Nurse

During recruitment or admission process, many hospitals, clinics or nursing schools ask nurses to supply a letter of recommendation from a former employer.


This sample Recommendation Letter for Nurses shows what a good employer recommendation for nurse might look like.


Sample Recommendation Letter for Nurse


March 15, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is my personal recommendation for Ms. Sara Smith who is applying as a Staff Nurse at the Grady Health System. Until just recently, I had been Sara’s immediate supervisor for more than three years. During her employment, I found her an energetic professional who is able to tackle all assignments with dedication and a smile.

She successfully performed the following major duties at our facility;

• Assessed patients to identify suitable nursing interventions
• Worked together with members of interdisciplinary health team to plan, execute, organize and evaluate patient care in discussion with patients and their families
• Administered medications and treatments as approved by a physician consistent with established policies and protocols
• Monitored, assessed, addressed, documented and reported symptoms and changes in patients’ conditions

Besides being a delight to work with, Sara is a take-charge person who is able to present imaginative ideas and communicate with patients for their benefit and health. Despite the fact that she was a valuable asset to our clinic, Sara was also extremely helpful in rehabilitation of patients. In addition to a successful nurse, she assumed a leadership role in clinic meetings – inspiring and motivating other nurses and employees.

Again, I highly recommend Sara for employment at your clinic. She is a very skilled and experienced nurse and have a potential to make a great contribution to your organization. If you have any query about her credentials, please give me a ring at the numbers mentioned below.



Kate Wilson
Nurse Manager
ABC Clinic
San Diego, CA 21410
(201) 333-9999

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