Nursing Externship Cover Letter Sample

15 Jones Street
Toronto City, ON S9C 6C3
(222) 666-2222

February 3, 2011

Ms. Christine Smith
Senior Administrator
St. James Hospital
1234 South 58 Center Street
Toronto, ON S9C 6S7


Re: Application for Nursing Externship

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am a second year student at the York University’s Nursing School and am interested in working as an extern at your hospital in the coming summer. I have talked with my senior Ms. Jane Smith who told me she had a very encouraging experience working with you last summer. Enclosed is a copy of my resume and grade report for your reference. I have also enclosed a memo I wrote previous semester as a sample of my writing.

As you will note from the enclosed resume, I have extensive knowledge and skills to; assess patients to identify appropriate nursing interventions, collaborate with members of an interdisciplinary health team to plan, implement, organize and appraise patient care in consultation with patients and their families. During my education, I have developed expertise in administering medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician or according to established policies and protocols. Moreover, I have a proven ability to check, review, address, document and report symptoms and changes in patients’ conditions.

An externship with St. James Hospital interests me because of the popularity and trustworthiness of your hospital in Toronto. I would like to contribute to your hospital by applying my skills under the supervision of seniors.

My strong background in Nursing would be a valuable asset to St. James Hospital. I would like the opportunity to interview with you at any time which best suit your timetable. Additionally, I will call your office after a few days to follow-up on my job application. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Anna Steve

Enclosure – Resume

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