A Good Reference Letter for an Au Pair

Reference letters which are aimed at helping place domestic staff or the likes of it need to be written with a lot of care. The decision to give a reference for an au pair is totally dependent on the employer because much responsibility is on the shoulders of an employer. If after providing a good reference, the employee does not meet expectations, you may be held responsible.

When writing a reference letter for Au pair, ex-employer must highlight some good points of an employee so that her chances of employment become better. A good reference letter includes information with respect to an employee’s character, abilities and skills and any other information that an employer would like to provide to a potential employer.

For instance, a good reference letter for an au pair will consist of how well she has been able to adjust to life with the host family (as au pairs are technically live-in nannies) and how wonderfully she has looked after the needs of children and the house. Have a look at the following reference letter for the position of an au pair.


A Good Reference Letter for Au Pair


June 11, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Madison Mateo has worked as an au pair to my family since January 2005 and has helped me raise both my children from the time they were born. I cannot speak highly enough of Madison as she has been a necessity to me all these years.

From the very first day that I employed Madison, she behaved like a family member. I was initially somewhat concerned about having a live-in nanny for my children but all my fears and apprehensions were taken away the minute I met her. Since I am a working mother, I had often had to leave my children in her care (unsupervised) and I have never had any cause for complain. She accompanied my children to and from school, took them to after school activities and played an important part in grooming them to be what they are now – two very fine and well behaved children. Madison is a creative individual who encouraged my daughter (now 7 years old) to take up painting, a venture that has won her three art awards in preschool.

For the past nine years, I come back to a clean home, all my bills are paid and I see my children well looked after. It was almost a shock when Madison announced that she needed move to New York next month. But I wish her the very best in exploring similar job opportunities in a new city and recommend her for an au pair job in any environment that requires services of a professional and compassionate person.



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