Resume Skills for Nanny

Following are some resume skills for nannies which might be used while making a resume for nanny position. You should choose 5 to 6 skills from the following examples which are most relevant to employer’s requirements.

We wish you best of luck in your job search.

Resume Skills for Nanny

• Highly skilled in preparing bottles for babies and utilizing feeding equipment
• In depth knowledge of cleaning and washing up table and place after children’s meals
• Able to bathe babies
• Proven record of tidying children’s bedrooms and play areas
• Thorough understanding of reinforcing proper authority for the children
• Proven ability of implementing every day routines
• Able to perform light housework
• Comprehensive knowledge of running everyday jobs
• Hands-on experience in changing diapers for babies
• Documented success in supervising baths for elder children
• Thorough understanding of dressing children suitable to the child’s activities
• In-depth knowledge of washing and ironing children’s clothes
• Able to prepare nutritious meals and snacks for the children
• Skilled in supervising children’s meals and shopping for children’s necessities
• Proven ability to schedule and organize children’s activities
• Strong ability of transporting children to school and additional activities
• Knowledge of undertaking suitable imaginative activities with the children
• Able to undertake proper educational activities with the children
• Good undertaking of outdoor activities with the children
• Profound ability to plan and supervise relax, bed and nap times
• Excellent ability of reading to and with the kids
• Substantial knowledge of serving children with homework

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