Job Description of Babysitting for Resume

Babysitting is a popular job amongst students and fresh graduates looking to earn extra money. Usually, babysitters are hired through word of mouth since trust is a great issue when leaving children under someone’s care. However, babysitters acquired through advertisements who come with good references are also a popular hiring choice.

To work as a babysitter, one must have one important ingredient – love for children. Since most skills needed to do a babysitter’s job depend on an individual’s personality, it is important to be calm and collected at all times. Babysitting has the capacity to provide babysitters with a multitude of situations and not all of them are pleasant. If changing diapers and cleaning spills is not something you fancy doing, then this job is not for you!

However, if the whole idea of handling babies, toddlers and preteens appeals to you, you are sure to be great at your job. Some more duties that you will be performing as part of your babysitting job are listed below. You may want to read them before you prepare your resume for a babysitting position.

Sample Job Description for Babysitter Resume

• Take instructions from parents about childcare and write down as much information as possible for future reference

• Manage and care for children in the absence of parents or guardians

• Ensure that all information regarding the household is provided such as placement of keys, emergency numbers and food inventory

• Make an effort to familiarize self with the household surroundings in a bid to stay comfortable

• Make special attempt to make children socialize by indulging them in conversation and play

• Understand the various needs of children at various ages and ensure that all duties are carried out accordingly

• Cook age appropriate meals and ensure that children are fed on a timely basis

• Make and feed formula to babies at regular intervals

• Ensure that television and entertainment time is limited according to the instructions provided by parents

• Change diapers and give baths along with ensuring that children’s laundry is taken care of

• Transport children to and from school or activities such as swimming or football

• Assist school going children with homework or other special projects

• Convince the kids to go to bed and continue in bed

• Perform some light housekeeping duties and prepare meals and snacks

• Encourage children to be positive at all times and handle any crises using good judgment

• Prepare children for bedtime and read them stories if asked

• Ensure safety and well being of children at all times

• Implement rules and plans of parents for the children

• Handle emergencies in a proper manner by contacting emergency services or performing First Aid or CPR

• Dispense medications if needed

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