Career Objective Examples for Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist Job Description

A medical technologist is a person who analyses a human being’s body fluids to see what’s wrong with the body. If you want to be a medical technologist, you will help doctors and nurses choose the right tests to perform on a certain sample. You will make sure the specimens are collected properly, and perform the tests. You will analyze the tests, then interpret the results.

You must be able to see irregularities and differences in the samples, including the presence of things that should not be there.

You can apply for a job that calls for a medical technologist if you have a BA in clinical laboratory science, in medical technology or a life science. In the USA, you will need ASCP certification (American Society for Clinical Pathology) to practice.

In order to write a resume for medical technologist position, you need to mention a strong and targeted objective in your resume. Have a look on the following objective statements in order to make your own.


Medical Technologist Resume Objectives

• To obtain a Medical Technologist position with Yuma Regional Medical Center utilizing extensive skills and experience in chemical, microscopic and bacteriologic laboratory tests

• Seeking a position of Medical Technologist at the Beech Clinic utilizing my expertise in performing quantitative, qualitative and subjective lab procedures by means of manual and automated methods

• Looking for a position of Medical Technologist at the Seafront Hospital where I can use my analyzing skills and corresponding experience to help with patient analysis

• Looking for a position of Medical Technologist at the Metropolitan Children’s Hospital where I can use my experience as a health professional and my experience to help figure out diseases in children

• To obtain a position as Medical Technologist at the Bay View Clinic where I can help people by using my experience and medical analytical skills

• Medical Technologist position at the Madagascar Hospital where I can utilize my medical interpretation skills in order to assist with research on diseases

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