Office Manager Job Description for Resume

It is important to keep offices organized if we want to get any work done. Office managers are hired primarily to ensure smooth running of an office. An office manager ensures that company operations are regularized by maintaining office systems and supervising office staff.

The role of an office manager is multifaceted; he or she needs to handle a range of administrative and some IT related duties. An office manager’s tasks may differ from one organization to another but in essence, their work remains the same – ensuring smooth office operations. Office managers manage filing systems, prepare spreadsheets and even manage social media in some organizations.

Office managers need to be extremely well organized and possess great knowledge of how an office runs. They also need to be detail oriented and efficient since other departments’ efficiency depends on theirs. They must be able to exercise discretion as they handle a lot of sensitive company information and their accounting skills need to be strong as well.

Working in many different organizations such as hospitals, universities, small businesses, media and law firms and financial organizations, office managers are much sought after. While a degree can sometimes be beneficial when applying for an office manager’s position, a high school diploma is usually sufficient.

Sample Job Description for Office Manager Resume

• Ensure that office systems are running optimally by designing and implementing policies
• Arrange conference, meetings and appointments
• Maintain office services such as controlling correspondence and designing and maintaining filing systems
• Maintain customers’ and employees’ records in a confidential manner
• Design and implement office policies and ensure that they are followed properly
• Provide support to the marketing department by handling social media activities
• Develop, implement and maintain administrative systems
• Handle record management of office expenditures and manage office budgets
• Oversee training and recruitment of new staff and provide support during induction procedures
• Handle staff appraisals and handle staff disciplining activities
• Create (and occasionally deliver) presentations and write reports for senior management
• Ensure that there is adequate staff for each project that the company has undertaken
• Handle inventory and stock taking duties
• Create and maintain liaison with procurement teams and vendors to ensure sufficient office supplies
• Prepare timesheets and provide support to the accounting department in handling payroll activities
• Review and approve requisitions for office supplies and equipment
• Make sure that office supplies are stored in safe areas and that equipment is maintained on a regular basis

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