Logistics Officer Job Description for Resume


Logistics Officers may be referred to as shipping agents, warehouse clerks or logistics clerks – but their work duties remain the same. As part of the team of any organization with high distribution needs, logistic officers handle multiple duties. Working in a wide range of organizations such as the retail and food industry, logistics officers handle many tracking and stocking duties.

To work as a logistics officer, one has to have deep insight into the company that they work for and its products. Since shipping is a huge part of a logistics officer’s work, it is important that they know about both freight and shipping procedures. They prepare items for shipping and ensure that they are shipped to the right destination and in a time efficient manner.

As part of their work, logistics officers ensure that the warehouse they work in is kept neat and maintained properly. Working as a logistics officer requires you to be very organized as time is a great factor in making sure project deadlines are met. What else will you be doing while working as a logistics officer? Read on to find out.

Logistics Officer Job Description for Resume

• Develop logistics plans for shipment purposes and ensure appropriate execution

• Handle budget requirements and ensure that proper timelines are deployed to staff

• Ensure that all logistics contingency plans are carried out to success

• Design, develop and execute standard operating methods to handle logistics programs

• Assess the need of logistics such as transport, handling, storage and distribution

• Assist in directing the transport and organization of both equipment and supplies

• Ensure that quality, quantity and cost of the storage of goods is handled by following best practices

• Assist in coordinating and coordinating order cycles and relevant information systems

• Allocate resources for staff and ensure appropriate use of resources at each process

• Assist in interviewing, hiring and training staff to work as part of the logistics time

• Set achievable objectives for the logistics staff and assist them in achieving them

• Create and implement new supply strategies and plan vehicle routes for optimum time management

• Ensure that warehouse equipment is in proper working order at all times

• Direct staff to perform both general and preventative maintenance on warehouse equipment, tools and vehicles

• Make sure that all areas of the warehouse are clean and maintained properly

• Direct the activities of staff in the warehouse storage area to make sure that all items are stocked properly

• Create logistics reports on a regular basis and ensure that all ins and outs of the warehouse are recorded correctly

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