Cover Letter for Caregiver

Ready to write your caregiver cover letter? The task may seem simple but it is actually quite intricate. To get it right, the task requires a lot of thought and consideration.

Here is a list of common mistakes in cover letter writing that you must avoid in order to make an effective cover letter for caregiver job:

• Focusing on what you want rather than what you offer
• Failing to identify the coming course of action
• Not specifying the exact position you are seeking
• Restating your resume
• A flat introduction and abrupt ending
• Not reflecting on why you are interested in the position
• Not demonstrating any knowledge regarding the firm
• Not matching your skills against the required ones

Following is a cover letter for caregiver position that avoids all the above mentioned common mistakes.

Cover Letter for Caregiver


Rachael Carter
32 Wesley Ave | Boulder, CO 87377
Cellular: (005) 333-2222 | Home: (006) 222-1111
rachael . carter @ email . com

November 10, 2014

Mr. Fredrick Gates
HR Manager
Home Instead
766 Jigsaw Lane
Boulder, CO 87377


Dear Mr. Gates:

Your mission statement ‘to accord our clients to the dignity their longevity demands’ inspired me as I visited your website yesterday while viewing your vacant positions for caregivers. Consequently, I am writing this letter to apply for a Caregiver position at Home Instead.

My profile is finely tuned with your mentioned job requirements:

Your Requirements


  My Qualifications


Experienced in providing personal care to clients with dignity.


4+ years of hands on experience in providing personal care to clients including bathing/feeding assistance and maintenance of personal hygiene ensuring dignity.


Efficient in transporting and accompanying clients to outside home locations.


Track record of transporting clients safely to directed locations and accompanying them during hospital visits, communicating effectively with the doctor.


Effective rapport building, social involvement and interpersonal skills.


Demonstrated ability to build rapport, provide high quality companionship and involve clients in various community based social activities.


Considering the percentage of non English speaking clients and staff members at Home Instead, I believe my multilingual ability will also prove to be a great asset in the said role. Skilled in housekeeping tasks, adept at medicine administration as per chart, able to carry out laundry and prepare meals, I believe your clients will find my services highly satisfactory.

I look forward to having an interview with you in order to further elaborate the relevance of my competencies in terms of job requirements. I shall call you within a week to implore possibility of the same.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Rachael Carter

Encl. Resume


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