Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers

Why should I hire you?
You should hire me because I offer all your required skills and qualifications and in addition, I bring 5 years of relevant experience as a paralegal in the corporate law.

What are the legal areas that interest you the most?
Real estate, corporate law and bankruptcy.

Name some challenges paralegals face?
The biggest challenge is to ensure objectivity. A paralegal has to work as a part of team and advocate the attorney’s stance, but in an objective manner without siding with any party. The other big challenge is to remain up to date with latest research technologies to ensure ample research on each case in minimum possible time.

Explain a time when you had to finish a lot of tasks in very limited time. How did you manage?
Last summer the firm was having too much cases and staff was short. I got assigned 4 cases and the deadline was more or less one day for each. I prioritized my cases as per their exact respective deadlines and utilized all software help I could. I conducted computer assisted legal research and saved enough time to allow for thorough case analysis.

Are you okay with asking others for help?
Under normal circumstances, I do not ask for help. However if I am over loaded and another person from the team has the time and skills and can be of assistance, I do not hesitate asking that person for help because I believe that’s what teamwork is about. I also always help my colleagues with their cases if asked to.

What are the routine duties of a paralegal professional?
Typically a paralegal is responsible to study a case, collect data and research previous similar cases to develop an analysis for the attorney to build the case on.

Outline the main steps of a lawsuit?
A lawsuit begins with case preparation followed by an initial pleading. After this comes the thorough research work called discovery based on which, courtroom trials begin. Then comes the verdict and sometimes an accompanying appeal.

What is the significance of paralegals in the American legal system?
The paralegal role is a supportive one and these professionals basically help the lawyers and judges by making study of the cases easier. I believe paralegals are crucial to smooth functioning of the legal system of USA since they carry out so many important tasks and also conduct basic research regarding cases, which comes in very handy during a law suit.

How does your education and experience support you in this role?
I hold an Associate’s degree in Paralegal studies form the international law college and possess 4+ years of service as a paralegal in corporate law. This experience and education fully qualify me for the job and the skills I have developed during my experience support me in daily practice.

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