Instructions About Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are becoming more and more popular owing to the boom in technology and the convenience that they pose. Many employers want to speak to a prospective employee on the telephone before calling for a face to face interview. Some employers even make a hiring decision right after they have conducted a telephone interview.

Mostly popular for hiring employees over a long distance, telephone interviews must be taken seriously. Many candidates do not believe that telephone interviews are much to worry about; in actuality, these may be the only interview that they will be subjected to. Having said that employers make many important decisions during a telephone interview, it needs to be given with a lot of care and seriousness.

If you have been asked for a telephone interview, chances are that a prospective employer likes the way you have written your resume. It does not matter if your employer is in another country or the same street as you, telephone interviews should be well prepared for. There are certain tips that are hard wired to work as far as telephone interviews are concerned. Here are a few of them for your benefit:

Telephone Interview Instructions and Guidelines

Take Telephone Interviews Very Seriously: Telephone interviews are usually conducted to narrow down the candidate pool. While most employers ask only a few general questions, be prepared for a full marathon of questions during your interview!

Telephone Interviews are NOT Conversations: The only difference between a face to face interview and a telephone one is the physical presence (or the lack thereof). Do not use a conversational tone during a telephone interview. You should prepare yourself to provide answers in the minimum of time, just as you would in a face to face interview.

Keep Your Surroundings Conducive to Your Own Comfort: If you are due for a telephone interview, you will of course be given ample time to prepare for it. Keep a glass of water near you. Also keep your resume and cover letter in front of you so that you can refer to them during the interview. Keeping a pen and a paper will come in handy for when the interviewer provides you with important information that you will need to remember.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Always prepare yourself for a telephone interview. Practice answers to what you believe you will be asked. Not only this, you must practice to smile as well as the person at the other end of the line can hear it in your voice. Research the company thoroughly before the interview so that you sound like the interview held importance for you.

General Tips Regarding Telephonic Interview

1. Speak openly into the phone and keep mouthpiece approximately 1 inch from your mouth.

2. Prefer a quiet space for your phone interview; if you are in office you may select a quiet room for phone interview purpose.

3. During the interview, do not eat, chew or smoke.

4. Have a copy of your resume and references opposite you for the duration of the interview.

5. Smile over the phone.

6. Logic – Imagine as if the person is right in front of you, it will assist you sound “welcoming” and relax you.

7. Keep away from conversation regarding salary and benefits until second interview.

While interviewing a telephone might be the most critical time of your career. Keep relaxed at the time of phone interview and follow the above instructions in order to maximize the chances of being hired

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