Sample Internship Certificate

Working as an intern in any arena can provide you with insight into how the real world works. It prepares you for the challenges of working in real time environments and builds your confidence manifold. Most internship programs are not paid ones but for most young graduates, experience is payment enough. However some do pay a minimum stipend which can go a long way in encouraging an intern.

Once an internship period is completed, employers are liable to provide successful interns with internship certificates which include detail of what the internship consisted of and how successful an intern was during the course of it. An internship letter can be concise or detailed depending on the specific policies of the company in question. A certificate of this type includes not just what an intern has learnt during the process but also highlights some character traits and skills that helped an intern become successful.

Below is an example of an internship certificate that you can refer to if you would like to know what it consists of:

Sample Internship Certificate


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Ava Andrews has completed her Marketing Internship program at Time Inc. The duration of her internship was 12 months beginning from June 1, 2013 and ending on June 5, 2014. As part of Time Inc Ava has been a great asset the past year owing to her exceptional organization skills and a keen ability to prioritize her work.

Ava was inducted into the Absolute Marketing and Sales Program where she was entrusted with the following duties which she carried out with total precision:

• Research competitor information and create potent reports
• Assist in writing and editing marketing and sales materials
• Handle website evaluation procedures and provide feedback
• Manage social media interaction by developing posts and providing feedback on requests
• Perform lead research activities to help prioritize prospects and business opportunities
• Plan monthly content development and monitoring of posts along with managing reporting activities
• Interact with customers and relay brand messaging
• Research competitor information and assist in creating comparison charts to aid development of marketing programs
• Handle direct mail management and enhancement to social media sites and channels

Ava’s ability to work independently and follow instructions precisely has been an asset to our company. Her communication skills have also been much appreciated during her time with us. We wish her best of luck in her future career.



Keith Cobain
(Director of Marketing)
Time Inc.

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