Ground Hostess Job Description

As opposed to stewardesses, ground hostesses provide passenger support services while passengers are still at the airport. This is a multifaceted job and specific duties of a ground hostess actually depend on the specific job description of the individual, the size of the airport and the particular airline that they represent.

One of the main criteria for working as a ground hostess is to possess a positive personality. Being pleasant and friendly is one of the most important aspects of this job as ground hostesses are in constant contact with passengers. They help them with their luggage, answer questions regarding airlines and airport services and even provide assistance in checking in luggage.

Having said that a ground hostess’s job depends largely on the type of environment one is working for, ground hostesses also handle ticketing duties in some environments. Since there is so much that working as a ground hostesses entails, let us have a look at a list of duties that a person working at this position is expected to perform:

Ground Hostess Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet passengers when they arrive at the terminal in a welcoming manner
• Answer passengers’ questions about flights and checking in procedures
• Direct passengers to their check in booths after verifying information on their tickets
• Provide boarding assistance to passengers by directing them to security checks and boarding booths
• Assist elderly, sick or disabled passengers by physically checking them in
• Explain safety procedures and use of safety equipment to passengers
• Ensure that the waiting areas are clean and safe for passengers
• Facilitate seating arrangements for passengers waiting for their flights
• Provide passengers with information akin to gates, concourses and routes
• Man the check in counters and perform ticketing and boarding procedures
• Check passengers’ identities to determine ticketing activities that need to be performed
• Ensure that ticket payments are processed properly and that boarding passes and tickets are issued appropriately
• Coordinate luggage transportation such as ensuring luggage is transported to the correct terminal or room
• Verify tickets at the boarding gates and make sure that that they correspond to the correct flight
• Create and verify list of passengers embarking and disembarking a flight
• Ensure that passengers who have disembarked are directed to the right exit
• Check luggage stubs and make sure that the baggage that passengers have collected are their own
• Respond to complaints from passengers and ensure that they are addressed properly

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