Cover Letter for Health Care Aide

A healthcare aide is usually a CHHA certified person, responsible of providing health and personal care to elderly or chronically ill clients. The position might be based in the client’s home, at a hospital or a hospice center.

Healthcare Aide Cover Letter Tips

To write an ideal cover letter to go with your healthcare aide resume, it is important to reflect compassion and reliability in the same. Mention why you joined the profession and why you wish to apply for the current position. Then develop relevance among the skills you offer and the ones that are demanded by the position.

Last but not the least, proof read your letter, check it for any typos or grammatical errors and mention that you’d like an interview at the end.


Healthcare Aide Cover Letter Sample


Helen James

366 Galaxy Ave ● Williston, ND 50032 ● (006) 222-3333 ● helen @ email . com


Ms. Diana Kelvin
HR In Charge
Queen Health Homes
677 Rock Lane
Williston, ND 50032


Dear Miss. Kelvin:

People join the healthcare profession for various reasons and often without planning to – but mine is not an accidental case. I choose healthcare field deliberately since I believe it to be ‘a career in compassion’.

I am interested in your recently advertised Health Care Aide vacancy and have enclosed my resume for consideration. I bring 5+ years of hands on experience in the personal assistance field and possess all the competencies you have mentioned in the advertisement:

• HHA certified
• Well versed in providing personal and bedside care to patients
• Expert in Medicine administration as per schedule
• In depth knowledge of hospice care and ADL Assistance
• Remarkable rapport building and interpersonal skills
• Exceptional documentation skills
• Multilingual (Italian, Spanish, English)
• Valid driver’s license holder with clean driving record
• Current immunizations record, willing to take drug screening test if required

Based on the above mentioned strengths, I believe myself to be a front runner for the position. May I suggest an interview with you to further demonstrate the relevance of my profile and the skills you seek? I will call you after 4 days to set up a convenient date and time for meeting. I’d be glad to answer any queries you may have on (004) 666-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Helen James

Encl. Resume

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