Clinical Support Worker Cover Letter

One important rule to understand when applying for any job is that cover letters and resumes go hand in hand. Both complement each other and both are equally important. Never undermine the importance of any one of the two.

To write an impressive cover letter for clinical support worker position, you need to find out the requirements of employer. Sometimes, titles are same but roles expected of these differ from company to company. To ensure that your cover letter addresses the prospective employer’s needs, you need to conduct a background research on the company. The advertisement you are responding to might be a detailed one, enlightening you well about the hiring party’s expectations. This is why cover letter specialists recommend reading the advertisement very carefully before you begin writing.


Clinical Support Worker Cover Letter


Cecil Kennedy

788 Olympus Rd ■ Cleveland, OH 65901 ■ (006) 222-3333 ■ cecil @ email . com

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mr. Jason Fairley
HR Manager
Inventive Health
821 Rainbow Horizon
Cleveland, OH 65901


Dear Mr. Fairley:

I am responding to your company’s vacancy announcement cited at yesterday. With a formal one year clinical support worker training along with 4+ years of experience in the field, I bring the following competencies to Inventive Health in capacity of clinical support worker:

• Well versed in providing assistance to registered nurses and doctors during medical examinations, scanning, invasive testing and minor surgeries
• Familiar with sanitation and hygiene protocol associated with various medical procedures
• Practiced in conducting primary evaluation of patients under supervision and direction of the nursing staff
• Adept at carrying out R&D activities for organ care system
• Trained in generating reports and writing clinical abstracts
• Proficient in communicating with patients and families of different cultures

My ability to work efficiently in a team coupled with remarkable interpersonal skills and in-depth knowledge of various clinical protocols render me an ideal candidate for the position in question. In addition, I offer expertise in supporting video conference based speech therapy cases which would come in very handy at the newly set language pathology department at Inventive health.

I have also enclosed my detailed resume for your consideration. I’d welcome a chance of an interview with you. I intend to call you in the coming week to pursue this application further and to answer any queries regarding my qualifications. Should you need to speak earlier, my digits are on the top of this page.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Cecil Kennedy

Encl. Resume

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