Non-Experienced Flight Attendant Cover Letter

Following is a sample resume of flight attendant who has no experience as a flight attendant but have experience in hospitality sector. Use this template as a guideline if you are experienced but lacking the specific experience of flight attendant.


Flight Attendant Cover Letter – NoExperience

24 Columbus Street
Houston, TX 21001

November 16, 2014

Ms. Kelly Johnson
Recruitment Adviser
Pan American Airlines (Head Office)
32 Rainbow NW Street
Austin, TX 21144


Dear Ms. Johnson:

In response of your latest announcement of flight attendant position at the Pan American Airlines, I want to submit my job application for this position. Knowing the standing of Pan American Airlines, I am highly interested in pursuing the career of flight attendant with your prestigious airline. Outgoing, passionate, and dynamic, I feel I have the exceptional personal qualities to fulfill the demands of this position.

As noted in the enclosed resume, I have had a wide range of experiences in the tourism and hospitality industry, but my interest has forever been in the area of air transport. To split international experience inside a team, and to be able to build up and offer support and services to people of various nationalities and cultures are my primary reasons for pursuing the occupation of Flight Attendant. In addition, i am enthusiastic to participate in your primary training course in order to go thorough details of accommodating on-board passengers, and assuring their comfort, ease and safety.

May I meet you for personal interview so that I will discuss you how can I become an efficient flight attendant in Pan American Airlines utilizing my diverse knowledge, skills and experience in hospitality sector. Thank you very much for considering my application.


Yours faithfully,

Daniella Mike

Encl. – Resume

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