Work Experience Certificate for Physiotherapist

As competition is increasing in all kinds of jobs, many employers require that they hire the best employees. However, with so many very good candidates out there, it can become difficult to choose which ones would serve your purpose. While interviews are great decision makers, there are other things that can help one decide which candidate to take forward. Experience certificates are straightforward documents that help decision makers hire candidates for a particular job.

Work experience certificates are documents that hold information about what a particular employee has done during his or her time at a company along with verifying that the candidate has actually worked in that capacity. There is no standard format for a work experience certificate and companies choose what to write in them on their own. However, some information is common in all experience certificates. Have a look at the following example of a work experience certificate for a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist Work Experience Certificate Sample


May 8, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Allen Parker has worked as a Physiotherapist with Tri Health since January 2010 and has been a valued member of our physiotherapy team during these four years.

During his tenure at Tri Health, he remained involve in a lot of community work for patients recovering from accidents, illnesses and injuries. He has a set array of patients who prefer to be treated by him and have provided much commendation for him to the management of the hospital.

At Tri Health, he was responsible for the following duties which he carried out with absolute exactitude and by following a set code of physiotherapy ethics:

• Develop treatment plans for patients suffering from physical illnesses and injuries
• Assist patients in rehabilitation after assessing and analyzing individual patients
• Ensure the efficacy of physiotherapy programs by changing them according to observations
• Treat patients using a variety of exercise programs along with electrotherapy and mobilization
• Ensure that all physiotherapy activities are overseen by employing supervisory duties
• Discuss illnesses and injuries with patients and play an active role in educating them
• Organize massage and aromatherapy sessions

As part of the Physical Manipulation Program of Tri Health, Mr. Allen proved to be a cut above his peers by introducing hydrotherapy and acupuncture techniques for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Any further information regarding his work at Tri Health can be obtained from me at (222) 222-222 or paulatkins @ trihealth . com.



Paula Atkins
Senior Manager

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Tri Health
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Austin. TX 65874

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