Esthetician Cover Letter Sample

Organization is the key when it comes to cover letter writing for Esthetician position. To enhance the impact of your letter, choose a suitable format for it. Here are some helpful ways to organize information presented in a cover letter:

Problem/Solution Format: The simplest and most popular way to highlight one’s accomplishments in a cover letter is the problem/solution method. Mention the problem and then state how you solved it.

Inverted Pyramid Format: This is synonymous to presenting facts in decreasing order of importance. State a comprehensive career objective at the top and mention specific examples of relevant skills in the following paragraphs.

Comparison Format: This format is increasingly gaining popularity. The main body enlists the desired qualifications and matches them with the offered skills to create a strong case for candidacy

Below is a comparison based cover letter for esthecian resume.


Esthetician Cover Letter Sample 1 


Amy Lane

645 Timberland Ave ● San Francisco, CA 44765 ● (006) 300-2102 ● amy @ email . com

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ms. Fiona Carter
HR In Charge
Silky Salon and Spa
87 Kennedy Lane
San Francisco, CA 44765


Dear Ms. Carter:

Tired of seeking the ideal candidate to fill in the vacant position of esthetician?

Look no further. In capacity of an experienced, trained and licensed esthetician, my resume is enclosed for consideration. Upon perusal of my profile you will find that my previous experience in the field efficiently parallels the skills set demanded by your advertised position.

Your Requirements   My Qualifications
Proactively guess client’s needs after one to one sessions and suggest required treatment ▶ Proven skills in determining the client’s expectations and performing facial, hair and skin treatments as per their expectations
Knowledge of various treatment regimens with ability to devise the same ▶ Demonstrated ability to devise customized treatment regimens and carryout all facial, hair and body treatments without supervision.
Promote skin, facial and body care product sale and services ▶ Remarkable skills in promoting service packages and product sales by maintaining productive customer relations
Setting up work stations ▶ Expert in setting up new work stations and equipping the same with relevant standard and customized equipment and products

I thrive on exciting atmosphere which I envision will accompany employment at the Silky Salon and Spa.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss the position with you in detail and elaborate on how I intend to utilize my acquired skills and experience in capacity of an esthetician at the Silky Salon and Spa. I shall follow up on next Friday in pursuit of a convenient date and time for interview. In the interim, I am available to answer any queries regarding my qualifications and expertise at (006) 300-2102.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Amy Lane

Attached: Amy_ Esthetician _Resume.doc


Esthetician Cover Letter Sample 2


46 Northern Blvd
Houston, TX 99999
(111) 999-3333

June 9, 2014

Ms. Maureen Watson
Hiring Manager
Sweetwater Beauty Salon
452 Desert Drive
Dallas, TX 99999


Dear Ms. Watson:

I was pleased to see your listing on for esthetician position for your new beauty salon opening in the Houston Downtown area. My valid esthetician license and one year of experience combined with my proven time management and organizational skills makes me a great contender for this position.

Through my hands-on experiences and training, I have gained tremendous expertise in performing laser hair removal, fotofacial treatments, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, cellulite reduction therapy and body contouring. Moreover, I am able to advise customers regarding the use of makeup and other beauty products. Besides, I have a demonstrated ability to promote a friendly, warm and exceptional customer experience.

With my exceptional qualifications, I’d like to meet with you and show you my portfolio detailing a number of of the services I’ve provided to my renowned clients. If you’re available for a meeting, please let me know on the contact numbers given on the enclosed resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ash Anderson

Enclosures: Resume and Recommendation Letter

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