Bombardier Cover Letter Sample

Bombardier Cover Letter

123 Main Street,
Oshawa, ON C6Z 3S9

March 26, 2011

Mr. John Smith
Recruitment Manager
Bombardier Canada
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Dear Mr. Smith:

In response to your recent advertisement of dispatcher in Toronto office of Bombardier, I am pleased to put forward my application for the position of dispatcher because requirements are closely parallel to my experience and qualifications. Along with post graduate diploma in dispatching and six months’ internship as dispatcher, I am certain in my capability to turn out to be a key member of Bombardier Canada.

During my internship I have gained vast knowledge of Scheduling and dispatching workers, work crews, equipment and service vehicles to suitable locations in accordance with customer requests, specifications, or needs, by means of radios or telephones, relay work orders, messages, and information to or from work crews, supervisors, and field inspectors by means of telephones or two-way radios, discuss with customers or supervising workers so as to address questions, problems, and requests for service or equipment.

As a fresh and zealous dispatcher, I welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss how my education, experience and skills would be beneficial for Bombardier. May we meet to discuss about the scope of the job and relate my specific skills to this particular job? I can be reached at (609) 999-3333, [Email Address] so as to plan a meeting time that will best match your timetable. Additionally, I will contact you by phone next week. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Charlie Lee

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