Able Bodied Seaman Cover Letter Sample

Able Seaman / Woman stand watch, control and preserve deck equipment and carry out other deck and bridge duties on board ships or self-propelled vessels under the direct supervision of deck officers. They are usually employed by marine transport companies, federal government departments and the armed forces.

Following is a sample cover letter for able bodied seaman resume. This sample is also effective for the following positions:

1. Ferryboat Deckhand
2. Helmsman/Woman – Water Transport
3. Log Boom Tugboat Deckhand
4. Ship’s Carpenter
5. Tugboat Deckhand
6. Ship Watchman/Woman
7. Boatswain


Able Bodied Seaman Cover Letter Sample


2458 North Lane
San Diego, CA 65987

April 10, 2014

Mr. Alexander Smith
ABC Company
5214 Some Street
Los Angeles, CA 21454


Dear Mr. Smith:

It is a great pleasure to respond to your job advertisement for an Able Bodied Seaman position at ABC Company. AFter reading your job description in detail, I found a great similarity between my qualifications and your requirements.

I am an outstanding candidate for this position because I am able to perform all kinds of manual laborer on the vessel. Particularly, I am well versed in standing, observing and guiding ship under the supervision of the officer on watch. In my previous role as a Seaman, I was known for my capability of operating, retaining and fixing deck equipment as well as cleaning, chiping and painting deck surfaces. Moreover, I am very expert in handling mooring lines, repairing ropes, and maintaining cables. My enclosed resume contains a detailed list of my skills and qualifications which makes me a great contender for Able Bodied Seaman position.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read my cover letter. I am looking forward to a chance to meet with you to relate my skills with your requirements. I can be reached at (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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