Courier Resume Skills

A courier resume is a fundamental tool in the job search process. In fact, the resume for a courier position is a document that expresses how your skills, work experience, involvement in organizations and other qualifications directly match those identified in the Courier job description provided by the employer.

Following phrases will allow you to easily create the skills and qualifications section of your resume – resulting in your own professional resume.


Courier Resume Skills

• Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive documents and packages safely in an organized manner
• Well-versed in gathering, sorting and distributing incoming and outgoing mail
• Track-record of meeting deadlines to pick and deliver urgent parcels without violating traffic patterns and regulations and utilizing knowledge of alternative routes
• Proven ability to ensure correct consignee procedures when delivering material
• Effective skills in picking-up and delivering parcels according to established procedures on time – in all weather conditions
• Hands-on experience in operating scanners to record shipping information for documents picked or delivered
• Technical: Computer, calculators, photocopy machines and multiple line telephones
• Possess a valid driving license with clean driving record (CDL class A), no DUI’s
• Demonstrated ability to drive various vehicles (cars, trucks, vans and bikes)
• Knowledge of vehicle maintenance protocols
• Bilingual: English and Spanish
• Outstanding record of providing quality customer service
• Great map reading , GPS and navigation knowledge
• Good memory: Able to memorize various new driving routes as well as a million new clients
• Well aquatinted with the use of requisition and purchase order systems for distribution of supplies and forms
• Capable of lifting and carrying 30-40 lbs. of heavy weight
• Proven ability to walk for hours while picking up and delivering packages
• Capable of loading and unloading deliverable from courier trucks through a variety of mechanisms
• Proficient in reading and comprehending instructions, correspondence and memos
• Proven record of maintaining good work habits, including reporting to work on time and adhering to work policies and procedures

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