Cover Letter for Cooking Position

Cooks prepre and cook an extensive variety of foods. They are generally employed by restaurants, central food commissaries, hotels, hospitals and other health care institutions, educational institutions and private households. Cooks are also in a job aboard ships and at building and logging campsites.

Job Titles for Cooking Position
1. Line Cook
2. Second Cook
3. Short Order Cook
4. Apprentice Cook
5. Grill Cook

Following is a sample Cover Letter for Cooking Position. In this cook cover letter, the job seeker focuses on the plain duties such a position requires: preparing a few food items in a restricted amount of time and working large-volume single-purpose cooking equipment.


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252 Baseline Road
Cityville, CA 56734

March 15, 2014

Mr. John Alex
Hiring Manager
Bob’s Grill
33 Peartree Blvd.
Landsville, CA 64101


Dear Mr. Alex:

I am pleased to submit my application for the position of cook at Bob’s Grill which was advertised on This is a position I feel ready to fill since I worked in diverse cooking capacities with different organizations across California.

My cooking skills include but not limited to; preparing and cooking complete meals and individual dishes, maintaining inventory and records of food, supplies and equipment, planning menus, determining size of food portions, guesstimating food requirements and costs, and monitoring and ordering food supplies.

Could I plan a meeting with you to discuss my culinary skills in detail? I’ve eaten at Bob’s Grill often throughout the past two months so I consider I have a good hold of the items I’d be cooking and even some ideas of how to make bigger your fast food menu. I’ll be contented to come to your office any weekday morning before noon. Please call me on my cell phone at 666-980-9087 so we can arrange a meeting time that works for you.



Joseph Andrew

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