Cook Skills for Resume

How can I make an effective skills section for a cook resume?

❖ It should written in bullet list form describing your core competencies

❖ Do not write just one word explaining that you are “great” or “awesome” or “dedicated”

❖ Take things into control and make your skills section professional and complete in every sense

See the bullet list below in order to get a better idea.



Sample Skills for Cook Resume

• Hands-on experience in reading food orders and receiving verbal instructions

• Track record of preparing, seasoning and cooking food according to recipe and instruction

• Proven record of cooking poultry, beef, lamb, fish, vegetables, sauces, desserts and soups

• Demonstrated ability to operate ovens, steam kettles and mixers

• Competent at effectively leading kitchen staff and food service workers in the preparation of food

• Documented success in preparing special diet items

• Well versed in portioning and storing food

• Adept at proper serving of food and beverages

• Special talent for cleaning cooking utensils and equipment

• Able to communicate effectively with co-workers and supervisors

• Provided exceptional customer service utilizing courteous and well-mannered attitude

• Good manual dexterity to lift and serve heavy trays

• Self motivated individual who has is able to work well without supervision

• Known for professionally and effectively resolving conflicts between employees

• Competent at prioritizing assignments

• Bilingual: English and Spanish

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